Full Circle 2.0

Matilda (Tilly) in the library - Burmese Mountain Dog
About 10 years ago, I wrote a newsletter article about how after visiting hospitals with our Berner Baloo for several years, my mom and family got a bit of pet therapy during her final days at Meriter from Lynn and Tootsie. So we gave and then received to make a full circle of therapy work.

A couple weeks later, when we went to pick up our pup Matilda, we found out that she was born the day mom passed away. Another circle began…

For the last 8 years, Matilda has been active visiting at many different events including libraries, dorms, and fundraisers. She was recently diagnosed with cancer that has required chemo therapy and a surgery. After her first treatment, the oncologist gave us a care package, a nice touch after a long and scary day. After opening it, we discovered it was donated by Czar’s Promise, an organization for which he volunteered in the DOC booth at their inaugural run last year. So, for all she has provided to other these last few years, she is being returned the gift in part, by small acts of kindness and support by others. Full Circle 2.0.

Article by: Lance & Tilly
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