2018 Summer Kids’ Programs

Thank you note from 2018 summer kids program

We had a busy summer of kids’ programs.

We did 4 presentations to Dane County Humane Society again this year, talking to the kids about therapy animals and Dogs On Call.

We did our Dog Bite Prevention Program in Ochsner Park for the entire Baraboo 4K student body.

We presented our Dog Bite Prevention Program for Safety Town 5 times, teaching kids to be safe around both strange dogs and dogs they know.

We presented our Dog Bite Prevention Program to kids at the Neighborhood House Community Center.

Altogether we reached about 500 kids.

In addition to our children’s presentations, we visited many other facilities:

  • Armed Forces Reserve Center in Madison
  • Glacier Creek Middle School
  • Monona Lioness
  • Wisconsin Department of Children & Families
  • Cottage Grove Triad
  • Madison Senior Center
  • Lussier Community Education Center
  • Sankofa Behavioral & Community House
  • East YMCA.

A big thank you to our presenters;
Todd, Karen S., Barb W., Erin, Jeff, Gina and Scott.

And a huge thank you to the many teams who gave up part of their summer to help with these very important presentations, many of them coming multiple times:

Todd & Izzie, Mary & Penny, Melody & Joy, Pat & Wallace, Barbara & Little Foot, Beth & Maggie, Sandy & Molly, Scott & Sazzy, Barbara & Samson, Andrea & Samantha, Karen & Zombie, Artie & Henry, Pat & Wilson, Chelsea & Captain, Joan & Shelby, Laurie & Alexander with Juno, Mary Ann & Mac, Kris & Journey, Melissa & Scout, Amber & Mia, Eileen & Desmond, Dana & Pierre, Bob & Charlie, Anja & Fritzi, Kay & Daisy, Janet & Chewie, Ed & Scout, Betsy & Vail, Amy & Rooster, Mimi & Nemo, Adam & Maurice, Marnie & Finn, Stephanie & Jack, Jeff & Bella, Christine & Jasmine, Dale & Poppy, Sue & Molly.

Good Job Teams!

– Artie & Henry

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